Contact: Jeff@praiseandlove.net

I have been a pastor in the Church of the Nazarene, and to low income residents of Michigan at the chapel at the High Rise low-income facility in Adrian, MI. I am now involved in prison ministry. I am also a university lecturer in philosophy, a church praise band drummer, an amateur painter and sculptor, and I play the didgeridoo. I now live in SW Michigan, and I love lake effect snow!

Theologically, I align with Wesleyan theology and restoration theology (restorationism). I believe in Wesleyan sinless perfection, and I reject eternal security. But, I embrace much about the opposites of those views, such as Calvinism, and realize that, in the end, if we are all following the Word, praying without ceasing, and loving God above all, with our eyes fixed on Him, in a life of ceaseless faith, then the distinctions between Christians fade away, and Christians become one mind (Phil. 2:2).