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Buddhism and Zen Buddhism

Why information on Buddhism on a Christian website?  Because in its pre-modern, original form, Buddhism offers some good techniques that can be used for the art of losing oneself in Christian surrender and Crucifixion with Christ (Galatians 2:20). In other words, Christianity and Buddhism have a commonality in that they view the self as the problem and the self must be surrendered–in Buddhism to nothing, and in Christianity to Jesus. Buddhism has some interesting information on surrender than can add to the complete information on this topic in the Bible. (Buddhism unfortunately, however, does cure a person’s deformity (sin), and therefore ubiquitously leads to self-destruction, which is why the ancient texts from Zen Buddhism, for example, contain so many stories about self-destruction, such as Bodhidharma cutting off his arm).

The video below is from a talk I did at UCLA in 2006, 11 years before I became a Christian, and while I was still a fervent atheist.