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This page has links to some of my philosophical “experimental theology” writings (some of the writings I made videos about as well, also linked below). With theology, we attempt to do the impossible, which is describe the Infinite. For that reason, theology should seek to stretch beyond science, deep into the realm of human reason, but also into the poetical, the translogical, and, of course, the Supernatural. It therefore should be permitted and sought that theology needs to be messy and experimental, while remaining starkly logical, even if transcendentally logical (eg., Trinity is 3 and 1, five loaves and two fishes feed well over 5000, etc.). Theology, being about the Transcendental, must come not from self, but from the Trinity, and thus we can expect that it will be beautifying, artistic, fiery, and atoning. Below is a list of my experimental theological writings. (In the future  you can get directly back to this page with this link:

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Holiness, Wesleyan, Christian Perfection

The Gospels




Ceaseless Communion with Christ

The Presence of God and Coinherence with Christ

Hell, Sin, Pain, Darkness, Fallenness

In the future  you can get directly back to this page with this link:, experimental theology writings--theology needs to be fun, as well as logical.