BOOK DESCRIPTION: GOD-FAITH: Discovering the Pure Logic Built Into the Fabric of Reality


This book explores the most basic logical structure of reality, deriving from the most certain starting point: Descartes’ cogito ergo sum (I think therefore I am). From that impetus, the nature of reality is discovered to contain a perfectly consistent and surprisingly revealing theological ontology, where built into the nature of reality are simple and direct logical findings revealing that reality can only exist if it is created by an all-powerful Spirit, where simple deductions lead to the discovery that the Spirit is the Biblical God (YHVH). From this, previously undiscussed logical findings show us that the creator-God will only create realities that will inevitably, for previously unseen reasons, internally develop into being contaminated with nothingness (in Reformed theology, ‘nothingness’ is the word used to describe sin), wherein a simple but not previously discussed solution to the long-standing problem of evil is arrived at. From there, through more simple deductions that, again, apparently have not been discussed previously, it is found that anything that exists, any entities or realities of any sort, can only be the creation of a creator-God, that specifically has the name YHVH, I AM that I AM, that elementary logic reveals can only be an infinite sacrifice of infinite grace. Also, the book directly attacks the contradictory philosophy of atheism, with novel findings that reveal that the entire philosophy of atheism is based in obvious, but previously undiscussed logical contradictions. Also, what can be called ‘nonphysical Calvinism’ is discussed in detail, which could be the most direct way to experience and commune with Christ in ceaseless prayer and meditation. Along the way, this book explores the concept of Christian faith, finding that it is a topic hugely misunderstood and under-analyzed, and it is readily found that the Biblical definition of faith indicates that faith is a constant, direct communication with the Creator-Logos, implanted directly into humans. This book is intended to be a tremendous asset in situations of opposition ministry (to academics, in jails, to the homeless, debating nonbelievers and atheists, and so on). Also, this book should be of  huge benefit to those who want no-nonsense answers to questions that God-followers usually cannot answer and/or give inept replies to, such as, why does God allow pain, why is God infinite love, is there a no-nonsense proof for the existence of God that can really convince, and what is the most direct and immediate way to experience Christ?