I am a musician and I play both the drums, and didgeridoo.

Some impromptu playing, after not playing for a few weeks, Jan. 10, 2022:

Church Praise Band, GLC Sunday Service 11/13/22. My Hope is YOU, Third Day.

Church Practice, Sunday 8/28/22, This is Amazing Grace

Church Practice, Sunday 6-18-22, Agnus Dei:

Sunday Morning Practice 8/28/22: Give Me Faith

Sunday Morning Church Practice 7-24-22: Who Am I, by Casting Crowns

Sunday Morning Church Practice 6-5-22: Made Alive, by Citizens and Saints

Audition video for Fieldstone Church, Milan,  MI, October 2017 (before moving to Kalamazoo):

Church Practice Sunday 6-12-22:

Glory to God Forever, more garage-style playing, November 2017

Playing Worthy is the Lamb one cold November night in 2017 in Michigan (nothing too serious, just messing around)

Playing electronic drumset at the Tecumseh Church of the Nazarene, March 2017. At 4:03 into this video, that’s my son running up on stage to see me!!

Come, Now is the Time To Worship. Tecumseh Church of the Nazarene, May 1, 2016:

Tecumseh Church of the Nazarene, Early Oct. 2015:

I also play the didgeridoo, here is a video of me playing at my daughter’s school:

Here are two songs I made, playing both didgeridoo and drums: